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How can we change state law to make cycling safer?

2/23/16 @ 6:00PM | Suffolk University | 120 Tremont Street | Boston

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  • Airflow Deflector is the company that are featured on the Volpe website and produces and supplies side guards to many cities including New York City, Boston and Orlando.

    More can be done to save lives – Technology, Awareness, Education and Maintenance (T.E.A.M.)

    Saving lives, one safer truck at a time.

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  • It would be beneficial to all if questions regarding pedestrian and cyclist safety were automatically on every drivers’ test. It would also be beneficial to all if rules of the road were taught in elementary school, middle school and high school as a part of the curriculum. Perhaps this could be added to health and/or physical education. It would be helpful to teach all people who ride in vehicles to look for cyclists and pedestrians before opening their doors.

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    • Galen Mook
    • Design
    • February 25, 2016
  • Bicyclists that engage is serious infractions (running red lights at major intersections, crashing into pedestrians, wrong way on arterials, etc) should be required to attend cyclist education classes. There is precedent for this in NYC, where instead of a hefty fine the NYPD sent cyclists to classes led by local advocacy groups.

    We should also be extremely careful when focusing on enforcement so that there is no bias in enforcement of low-income and minority cyclists (conscious or not, it happens and is a serious issue). Community service officers should be the ones engaging the public in these efforts, and should focus …

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